International Student
Living Costs in Mauritius
The table below gives International student an idea about the living costs in Mauritius. Please note that the living cost is an average and it will depend on the student lifestyle

Monthly rent - based in a shared house and two students per room
Food on a monthly (excluding eating outs etc..)
Transport - Public - from Accommodation to Whitefield Business School and back to Accommodation From WBS
Transport- Public - From Accommodation to anywhere else except Whitefield Business School
¾ of the Normal fare
¾ of the Normal fare
* Equivalent in USD is based on current exchange rate of 1GBP = USD 1.33
Student Life
Whitefield Business School has over 100 international student. One of the first things you'll notice as an international student when you arrive is that the amenities, and recreational and learning opportunities offered at Whitefield Business School gives students a good balance in their academic progression.

Life as an international student in Mauritius is relatively quiet but never boring. The institution do organize extra curriculum activities for its students on a yearly basis. Activities range from football, cricket and badminton to outings.

Last year Whitefield Business School won the Cricket Championship which is organized by the Tertiary Education Commission each year. Check out some of the activities which recently took place
Mauritius at a Glance
Mauritius is an island of beauty and charm. It was named after the Dutch Prince Maurice Van Nassau. After been colonized by both the French and English , Mauritius gained its independence in 1968 and still forms part of the British Commonwealth and follows the Westminster pattern of Government. English is the official language and French also commonly used.

What makes the beauty of Mauritius is the melting pot of cultures. Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism co-exist peacefully. Thus our international students do feel it very easy to integrate in the cosmopolitan community. Several religious festivals are celebrated on Mauritius, exemplifying just how multicultural the island really is. The country’s streets come alive with parades celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival, the processions of the Tamil Cavadee, the Hindu pilgrimage to the Grand Bassin (sacred lake), the Catholic pilgrimage to the tomb of the Blessed Jacques Désiré Laval in Port Louis, and the annual Muslim re-enactment of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son.

In just 4 decades, Mauritius has grown from an isolated mono-crop dependent country into a services-led economy enjoying sustained growth. The Mauritian economy rests on five pillars, namely sugar, tourism, textile, financial services and ICT. The country ranks 24th in the World Bank Doing Business. Mauritius has attracted surging amounts of Foreign Direct Investment. The country is also enjoying a growing reputation as one of the world’s top 25 outsourcing destinations.

Mauritius is the ideal place for international students in terms of curriculum and extra curriculum activities. International students will not be only be studying in a country whereby quality of tertiary education is at the heart of institutions. They can enjoy a balance academic progression combined with many extra curriculum activities the country has to offer. For example Watersports, sea & Sky Diving, stroll to the nice beaches or in the modern shopping centres and without forgetting the Night life.
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